Save The Salesmen!

 For every  1 Marketing Associate making a salary of 60k, there are 3 good Salesmen starving on 20k.  Eventually this disproportion in compensation must be addressed.  That’s because a marketer who doesn’t directly sell is really just another administrator, and any halfway decent salesperson is already his own master-marketer.

So, while a compensation plan based on 100% commission is extremely motivating to those seeking riches, what does it do to those who aim for the top of Maslow’s hierarchy?  It forces them to change direction.   Either to seek work in a different field or stay in the same industry, but as entrepreneur who aims to be your future competition.  See, the problem with telling your salespeople they are only as good as the numbers they bring in (and I’ve been told that literally) is that it forces them to start viewing their clients as strictly numbers.  Who loses?  The customer loses a dedicated consultant, and the company effectively reduces their products and services to commodities.

What happens when an industry goes from added value to commodity trade?  We all lose.  Being in sales is no easy gig, period.  Just look at any account executive or account manager job description and you will see this truth; we do everything that you do and we happily take on more to develop more business, expand our base of accounts, and exceed our quotas each month.  I am hereby declaring the second Thursday of each October as National Salesmen Appreciation Day (I realize it’s not politically correct but it sounds better than Sales “person”, so deal with it).

And to those lucky few salaried “Marketers,” I congratulate you on reaching the Mecca of our trade, and advise you to stay as long as you can. (but you probably already knew that)

-Andrew Pezewski

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The Mind of a Child

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…. but does anyone have an idea what this really means? Certainly the “worth” is not to be confused with “equal to” for I can easily paint you a picture in less than a thousand words:

The beautiful crescent moon hangs in plain view outside this window, piercing the sky like the thumbnail of god, watching over me and warming my soul with an intangible calmness.

30 words is all it took for me to paint that picture in your mind. And the naysayers of the world might read that and say, “Well, the picture painted in one’s mind is certainly more likely to be different from person to person.” To which I will respond, “How are you certain what I see and recognize as the color red is the same EXACT replication of what YOU see and recognize as the color red? The 30 words above are an excerpt from one of my free writing sessions 2 weeks ago, when I was writing by candlelight without electric power for four days. (a very humbling experience I may add).

The point I am trying to make here is a picture or a descriptive piece of writing are completely subject to the level of imagination of it’s witness or the “receiver” of the message. This is why children talk so much, and why their adult counterparts ‘actively’ listen to these children very little. I used to think I was just ‘bad with kids’ as I always felt an awkwardness come over me, especially when faking a high pitched voice and talking to them like idiots. I’ve come to realize very recently that that “awkwardness” that I felt was awkwardness NOT towards the children themselves, but the fact that it felt wrong of me to speak to them as less intelligent. Do yourself a favor and have a normal conversation with a child sometime. Children’s minds operate a lot like my own, and I am not ashamed at that in the least. I am proud to say I’ve made it through my childhood still grasping on to some of my childlike imaginative thoughts, and my lack of doubt and unwillingness to accept anything as ‘impossible’ make me quite a unique individual. Sure I may seem naive to most, but most don’t realize how hard I fight each day to render myself autistic to negative thought and the “no can do” attitude that I’ve found myself surrounded by throughout my 26 years.

I don’t have the answers to everything, but as of lately I have been learning how to keep learning every single day, much like a child does. Right now I imagine your smart phone is about an arm’s length away from you, possibly in your pocket. There are 2000 years of solid documented history in that device-trials, tribulations, successes, failures, and the like. And if not there, that same information is readily available to those who aim to find it and act on the impulse to do so.

While a picture may be worth a thousand words, an old saying is only worth the meanings that each of us associate with it as individuals. I don’t love debating out of rudeness, negativity, fear, or resentment. I love debating because it inspires the world to think outside of what we’ve been told is the ‘proper’ or ‘acceptable’ ways to think, and I question everything not because I’m a smug asshole that likes to argue, but just a man trying to infect the world with the pattern of thoughts that begin an epidemic of innovation. I would love for YOU (reader) to leave a comment to this post and tell me a story of what you wanted to be when you were very young. Don’t be shy about telling me exactly what your take is on this subject.

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if I had to write the cirriculum to a history class

I propose an idea for the renovation and rejuvenation of the current curriculum set fourth by the majority of history teachers in the majority of public or private educational institutions.
why do we “teach” previous lessons as they were pondered by and written about by past thinkers?
why do teachers simply provide information and test their student’s recall of it?
wouldn’t a semester long brainstorming session of 30 minds focused on 1-3 solvable problems be more efficient?
This may be hard to grasp so let me give an example…..
HISTORY CLASS – Traditionally, the curriculum is set by the teacher:
Curriculum: The plan through which students will learn of previous societies and values to take from each one, laid out by the moderator (teacher) who will facilitate both what important “sub”subjects will be covered as well as the order through which these will be given for the purpose of understanding the “underlying” or “overall” message of value carried throughout the course. The facilitator will then draft one or more “knowledge checkpoints” (quiz/test) and ideally identify which students may still be struggling to grasp the relevancy of the sub category. In addition (also ideally) they will focus on these particular students and offer further guidance to them by presenting the material through different ways to cultivate the total understanding of the group as a whole throughout the course of the semester.
Instead of the moderator being the sole determining authority of a class’s subject matter and presenting it as systematically certain facts in certain order, The moderator would CULTIVATE the interest of the students first, thus creating DESIRE TO LEARN (positive reinforcement) as opposed to FORCING that desire through the fear of poor grades/parental letdown, etc. (negative reinforcement) This will not only engage the students on a deeper level than merely how well they  remember things they hear, it will also render the students more capable of balancing logic and the abstract harmonisely as they grow older.
History teacher’s intro of old:
“Here is what I plan to tell you about the story of how we came to be a free country known as The United States of America. We will cover the revolution, the civil war and slavery by going over the people that were involved at the time and the decisions they made and actions they took. We will read what has been written by “experts” and I will make sure you all are able to remember what these “experts” wrote about.
History “moderator’s” intro of different flavor:
“We will spend the next 9 weeks trying to figure out all of the things about our country, planet and universe that don’t make sense to us. We will start by everyone asking whatever question they wonder about when it comes to the history of humankind. We will collectively choose which 3 questions are the best by voting on them.
We will then take these three questions and spend the last 8 weeks coming up with our BEST possible guesses as to what their answers may be. We will then draft our best guess into a document called, “Our Best Guesses to the 3 things we wonder about MOST.”
Each person will be required to submit at least one question in the beginning.
From there, each person will be encouraged to share any and all knowledge or idea as to what the answers may be. If we get stuck, we will break the subject down into different parts and assign smaller groups to research their part of that subject outside of class time, and return to present there findings to the group. If collectively we REMAIN stuck, we will adopt the answer from a majority vote. (in the event of a tie, we will omit the question from our document entirely)
The last week we will summarize, organize, and draft the document.. gather all of our papers, items, props, and whatever other items we collected throughout this process and place them into a time capsule. Each student will then sign the capsule with permanant marker and on the very last day of class we will hold a cerominial pizza party and bury the capsule in the school yard. We will then pour concrete to mark the final touch, and include instruction of when to open the capsule (about 50 years from the burial date)
In good faith I will trust the school to continue this every year so that in 50 years, each class will begin by first opening and reading a NEW fifty year old version of the history of our humankind. (discarding everything inside the capsule thereafter)
This will eventually manifest into an infinite cycle of brainstorming that is sure to not only CHANGE THE COURSE OF HISTORY ITSELF, but will lead to wonderful discoveries and avenues of impossible thought to be realized for generations of humans to come.
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Final Debate – Walker vs Barrett

Final Debate (Walker vs Barrett) on You Tube

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standing against while standing up for standing for

I stand against the Wisconsin recall not because I have some kind of man-crush on Scott Walker, nor is it because I dislike unions; hell I’ll even go as far to say that I fully support “recalling politicians” (the entire process).  But these particular recall efforts in my state aren’t being driven by voters like myself, who actually want what is best for the people and decide who to vote for by watching debates and debates only.  (there simply is NO network on television that doesn’t manipulate stories to push an agenda, period.)  But this is the question, “if you dive into a pool a shit and remove just a single turd will it stink any less?”  I used a graphic analogy to drive home this point: Dem’s and Rep’s alike are ALL controlled by groups of special interests and it’s not only unfair to single out Walker as the only crook in state government, it’s inefficient.  Our effort should be to recall every single politician at every single level and replace them with people who have the willingness to control their own power, minimize time spent with lobbyists and come together as ONE party, focused on solutions.  And I call out MY OWN generation to make it happen by getting involved, voting, and voting because you care about the future of everyone, not just yourself.  Actively seek the truth by being skeptical of every single form of media, and pay attention to debates!!! (I have a love affair with debates) they are one of the few remaining (if not the only) ways of seeing politicians for who they truly are.  Recognize when all media is trying to sway your judgement and vote by playing with your fears, and refuse to accept it!  Find the truth by looking for yourself, thinking for yourself, and not following a mass of protesters just because it seems like the “cool thing to do” (this one is especially true in madison)  If you really want to fire a governor make sure you know exactly how it would feel to be his position.  Imagine yourself getting hired by a majority vote to implement changes, making those changes in the most efficient way you could and then imagine looking out of your office window to see a mob of people fueled by contagious rage, 90% of whom probably feel that rage because the other 10% marketed it to them as a “greater good of the people” issue, when it is really not.

I also want to point out (just for my own ACTUAL bi-partisan credibility) that my father is a union worker and my brother is a public school teacher. 

Please feel free to comment and/or debate, that is how progress starts people.


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